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The following is some information that we think that you need to know whilst making your decision regarding the choice of your Wedding Djs in Fife Scotland or mobile djs in Fife - 
1. Ask the DJ how long he/she will take to set up their equipment. 

The dj needs to have total control over every aspect of sound and light to enable him to make quick and dramatic changes to the dynamics of the night as and when necessary. This is a very important part . A DJ can only do that if he takes time to set up in such a way as everything is at his finger tips.
Most Djs have very few lights and as a result tend to leave the same  lights on all night on 'sound to light' mode with no real visible changes of mood throughout the night,  we do a form of DMX lighting, our dj can switch on or off any one of 19 different lighting effects at any one time. Of course this takes time,depending on the package  we can take approximately 4 hours to set up, typically a Dj will spend an hour ! Spending an hour means unfortunately, that  you are not going to have a very impressive  sound or light show. We hasten to add that if your hired Dj isn't doing that, then what else is he NOT doing ? It also brings in to question the Dj's integrity, how in fact experienced is he ? Most other disco companies play the 'same old' tried and tested music routine at every gig. We don't agree with that and furthermore that is our Ace card. The way our music library is structured at Supertramp Discos makes it just about impossible to play all the same songs that were played at the last gig in the same order or similar, therefore we can catagorically state that unless specifically requested by you, you won't even hear the same song twice on the evening of your special party, that's a solemn promise from us.